Monday, March 31, 2014

Sweet Easter Egg Ornaments

I was lucky enough to have two grandmothers who were avid crafters. In fact, I inherited one grandmother's stash of felt, and it hasn't run out yet. I used some of that felt to make Easter ornaments that look like chocolate eggs. You can use whatever sewing-box trims you have on hand to make egg ornaments in your favorite colors. You can even substitute cream felt for brown if you prefer white chocolate to dark. 

To make these ornaments, I cut egg shapes (about 3" x 4") from chocolate brown craft felt and decorated them with leftover trims. On the top egg, I used white rickrack to create wavy lines of "icing." I added green and purple buttons and scraps of bright green felt to mimic candy flowers and leaves. I decorated the bottom egg in a pretty palette of pink and white. I sewed on buttons, seed beads, and polka-dot ribbon, and then used white embroidery floss to create simple details. To assemble the ornaments, I sewed the decorated eggs to plain brown felt eggs and added a rickrack or ribbon loop for hanging. 

Tip: Tracing patterns onto felt can be tricky. Instead, I cut the patterns from lightweight paper (discards from my printer work great) and then tape them to the felt. The tape holds the patterns in place, and I can make a clean cut along the edges of the pattern.