Monday, April 28, 2014

May Flowers

 I am a strong believer in the mood-altering power of color. Each room is my house is painted a different shade, and each room definitely has its own feel--cheery, restful, energetic. The magenta and salmon papers I used for these flowers make me smile. They're really bright, but after a long winter I needed an extra dose of pink.

To make a bouquet of May Flowers, cut strips of colored card stock 11" long and 2 to 3½"wide. Draw a pencil line lengthwise on each strip, ½" from one long edge. With scissors, make cuts along the other long edge, spacing them about ¼" apart and stopping at the pencil line. 

Place a few pieces of double-stick tape along the uncut edge of the paper strip. Wrap a piece of double-stick tape around one end of a bamboo skewer and then wrap the paper strip around the skewer to create the flower. Use double-stick tape to attach a strip of green felt around the base of the flower. Fold the petals of the flower outward or wrap them around a pencil to make them curl. To finish the flowers, glue small pompoms in the centers and green paper leaves to the stems.

I made of bunch in an assortment of sizes and arranged them in a Mason jar. I trimmed the pointed ends of the skewers so the flowers would stand at different heights. 

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