Monday, May 12, 2014

Flowery Felt Pillows

When I learn a new craft technique, I sometimes get carried away. Case in point: I recently became slightly addicted to making felt flowers and ended up with dozens of them. I came up with these pillows as a pretty way to show them off. My pillows are just 8" square--perfect for an accent pillow on a bed--but you can make yours any size you like. 

To make each flower, cut a circle from felt and then cut a spiral into it, working from the outside edge to the center. 

Leave a small circle of felt at the center; cut off the pointy starting end and the bump on the outside edge.

Roll the spiral strip of felt toward the center, working from the outside in. 

Position the rolled felt on the center circle and stitch the base to the bottom of the flower. 

Make an assortment of flowers in different sizes. A 6½" circle gave me a 2½"-diameter flower; a 4" circle made a 1½"-diameter flower. Cut a pillow front and back from felt and sew felt leaves and roses to the front. Sew the front and back pieces together using blanket stitch. Stuff the pillow with polyester fiberfill and finishing sewing it closed.

Tip: When I need to make a circle pattern, and it doesn't have to be an exact size, I use items from around the house as templates. Instead of fiddling with a compass, I just trace a plate, glass, or mug that's the size I need.

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