Monday, May 26, 2014

Provençal Sachets

Last week's project--a pretty fabric tote bag--celebrated springtime in Paris. For this week's craft, I visited France again (in my dreams, anyway) for creative inspiration. This time, I ventured beyond Paris to Provence, where fields of lavender color the countryside and perfume the air. Even though my Pennsylvania backyard is far from France, I brought the fragrance of Provence into my home with these lavender sachets.

Made from leftover fabrics from another project, these sachets are about as easy as it gets. (Très facile, as they say in France.) For each sachet, cut two rectangular pieces from Provençal-style fabrics (mine are about 8" by 5"), then fold one short edge of each piece over about 2" to the wrong side and press it in place. (This step keeps the wrong side of the fabric from showing at the top of the finished sachet.) To assemble the sachet, pin the pieces together, right sides facing, and stitch along the raw short and long edges. Clip the seams, turn the bag inside out, and voilà--your sachet is ready to be filled.

Dried lavender buds are available at craft stores and herb shops. A little lavender goes a long way, so you'll only need a few scoops for each sachet. You can spoon the lavender directly into the sachet, but if you want to keep the tiny buds from spilling out, put them in an organza or muslin bag first. Tie the inner bag closed tightly and tuck it inside the sachet bag.

To create the decorative ties for my sachets, I crocheted chain-stitch cords from blue and yellow embroidery floss that matched my fabrics. Ribbon, raffia, and twine would work well too. I made simple tags for my sachets from card stock and stamped them with the word "lavande," which is French for "lavender."  

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