Monday, June 23, 2014

Felt Pillow Band

When warm weather comes, it's time to change your home's wardrobe. If you have a stash of summer accessories, bring them out of storage. If you prefer to take a more frugal approach, spruce up the things you already have.

A flowered band made from felt gives a boring brown pillow a whole new look. I chose a pallet of pink and green that looks summery but still works with the brown. 

To make the band, I cut two panels of pink felt slightly longer than the pillow. I used bright green and pink embroidery floss to sew on ribbon, felt leaves onto one of the panels. When the leaf design was finished, I sewed the front panel to the plain back panel, right sides facing, along the short edges. 

To complete the look, I turned the band to the right side and slipped it over the pillow. I can change it back into a plain brown pillow when summer's over or make a band for autumn in an different color scheme.

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