Monday, June 2, 2014

Graduation Gift Tassel

Graduation season is here again, which means it's time to shower the graduates in our lives with good wishes and presents. To keep your gift in the graduation theme, trim it with a tassel that doubles as a gift tag.

Choose yarn in the graduate's school colors and wrap it around a 12"-tall book 20 times or so. Slip a length of gold cord under the loops on one end of the book and tie it in a tight knot. Use a sharp scissors to cut through the loops on the other end of the book to create the tassel. Wrap another piece of gold cord around the tassel, about an inch from the tied end. Tie the ends of the cord together, trim, and tuck them inside the tassel.

 To make the tag, use your computer or rubber stamps to print the year and "To/From" within a circle on white paper. Cut the circles out and glue them back to back with glue stick. Edge the circle with a gold metallic pen, punch a hole, and tie it to the tassel with more gold cord. Trim the cut ends of the tassel even.

The finished tassel adds pomp to a gift box or bag. If you're giving a monetary gift, tie a tassel on the envelope to make it special. 

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