Monday, July 7, 2014

Felt Watermelon Coasters

 These cute watermelon coasters are perfect for serving summer drinks on the patio. They're easy to sew and super inexpensive--they're made from red and green craft felt.
To make the coasters, cut 3½" circles from red, light green, and dark green felt, then cut the red and light green circles in half. With black embroidery floss, make straight stitch "seeds" on the red half-circles. Use green floss to embroider green zigzags on the light green half-circles.

Pin an embroidered red half-circle to a dark green circle and stitch the straight edge in place with green floss. Pin an embroidered green half-circle beside the red half-circle and stitch the straight edge in place. Whipstitch around the outer edge of the coaster with green floss. 

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