Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Souvenir Jar

My kids had to make a lot of dioramas in elementary school, and I have to admit I liked helping them create the miniature scenes from plastic plants and animals. I used those dioramas as inspiration for this project--a souvenir jar that lets me revisit the beach whenever I like.

For the background of this seashore-themed souvenir jar, I printed a photo of the beach from my computer onto plain paper, trimmed it to size, and tucked it inside the jar. Next, I added an inch or so of white sand and topped it with shells and a small piece of driftwood. I completed the scene with a miniature sandcastle, crab, and starfish.

If your vacation destination was further inland, use pebbles, pinecones, a miniature canoe, and woodland animals in your souvenir jar. For a city scene, use a photo of skyscrapers for the background, black beads for filler, and add a toy taxi, ticket stubs, and miniature street signs.

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