Monday, August 25, 2014

Glass Pebble Charms

We all need a few words of encouragement and inspiration to help us through the day. In the morning, it's easy to remember an intention to be more patient or thoughtful, but our focus often fades as the day's distractions get the better of us. I made these little "charms" so I can carry words that are important to me in my pocket or purse.

If I could print really small and very neatly, I would have hand-lettered the charms. Since I can't, I used my computer. First, I measured my glass vase gems (available at craft stores) and created color circles in my word-processing program slightly smaller than the gems. I then typed and sized an inspiring word--love, confidence, patience, trust, strength, imagine, etc.--to fit inside each circle.

I used a round paper punch to cut the circle out and then glued them to flat side of the gem so the word shows through the top. When the glue dried, I covered the exposed paper with a coat of Mod Podge. 

When you make your pebble charms, use words that are special to you. Keep the pebbles in a dish by the front door so you can choose the word you need each day.

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