Monday, September 15, 2014

Acorn Dolls

Sawtooth Oak Acorns
I have a thing for acorns and pinecones. Whenever I'm walking in the woods or a park, I look for interesting specimens to add to my collection. I found these unusual acorns at an arboretum. (Of course, I only took acorns that had already fallen from the trees.) They're from Sawtooth Oaks, and I think the acorns' caps look like frilly little hats. I paired the acorns with small pinecones to make these woodsy dolls.

Glue an acorn into each cap, turning it so that the acorn's tip makes the doll's nose. Add tiny dabs of black and white paint above the nose for the eyes. (If you don't have a fine brush, use the tip of a skewer or toothpick to apply the paint.) To assemble each doll, hot-glue an acorn head to a pinecone body and let them dry.

Tuck the dolls in autumn arrangements or add a hanging loop and use them as ornaments. Just be sure to keep them away from small children; the acorns pose a choking risk.


  1. Dear Kathleen,
    wow, your dolls are really cute! I didn't know acrons before - but they are great as head and hat!

  2. So creative! Love how they turned out :) I don't think I have never seen that kind of acorn.

  3. I've never seen acorns like that. You're right - they do look like little hats. It practically begs to be made into something! ;)