Monday, September 22, 2014

Felt Owl Ornaments

If you haven't grown tired of the owl invasion (I haven't), raid your stash of felt scraps to make a flock (or more accurately, a parliament) of owl ornaments.

First, enlarge the body and wing patterns below to the size you like. (The finished owls shown are about 3" tall.) Cut pairs of bodies from coordinating colors of felt, and then add details to the front pieces. Stitch a small triangle of felt in place for a beak and add button eyes. Decorate the body with buttons, simple embroidery details, or a cutout design.

Sew the front and back pieces together with matching or contrasting embroidery floss. If you want your ornament to have a hanging loop, sandwich a folded piece of ribbon or rickrack between the body pieces as you sew around the top. Cut out two felt wings for each owl and stitch them in place.

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