Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Treat Boxes

You never know when a box is going to come in handy. That's why I've become a hoarder of boxes--corrugated shipping boxes, shoe boxes, shirt boxes, etc. I made these tiny Halloween treat boxes from white jewelry boxes and odds and ends from my craft supply stash.

For the larger box, I used a classic Halloween palette of black, yellow, orange, and neon green. I painted the bottom black on the outside, green on the inside, and the top yellow on the outside, orange on the inside. The box top is decorated with orange and green paper (I used a small spool to stamp the black paint rings) and a big yellow button. I used a circle paper punch to make the polka dots, which I glued inside the box and along the top's edges. A few coats of Mod Podge® sealed the paper trims and gave the box a nice shine. I think my favorite part of this box is its legs. To make them, I just glued a pony bead and a striped square bead to the bottom of the box at each corner. 

The smaller box is even easier to make. I left the top white and decorated it with purple and black paper. Next, I glued tiny wiggle eyes in pairs to the black paper. They're supposed to look slightly spooky, but they're pretty silly. Strips of purple and green paper with pinked edges trim the sides of the box top. To make the feet, I glued clear glass pebbles to the bottom.

The boxes make cute decorations, and they can hold a special treat (fancy candy, Halloween confetti, a gift card) for a favorite trick-or-treater.

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