Monday, October 27, 2014

Mini Monsters

If you made the Miniature Haunted House from last week's blog, it's probably looking pretty empty. I made these little Halloween characters from wooden beads, paint, and paper to give the place a little life. I'm providing basic directions for each monster, but you can pretty much use any materials you have on hand.

Dracula: Paint a round bead and a square bead white and then glue them together when the paint is dry. Use permanent markers or paint and a fine-tip brush to create the vampire's jacket details, facial features, and famous hairline. Cut a bat-wing cape from black paper and glue it onto Dracula's back.

Frankenstein's Monster: Paint a large round bead black for the monster's body and a square bead green for the head. Glue the pieces together when the paint is dry and glue a square of black card stock to the base for the feet. Add hair, a mouth, eyes, and a scar to the monster's face with paint and markers.

Ghost: Paint two round beads--one large, one small--white and let them dry. Cut a circle from a coffee filter and glue it to the large bead, then glue the small bead on top. Draw eyes and mouth (bedsheet-style ghosts don't usually have noses) and glue on a white paper base to keep him from tipping over.

Pumpkins: These pumpkins are more cute than spooky, but you can add more menacing features if you like. For each, paint a round, ridged bead orange and add eyes with white and black paint. For the stem, glue a piece of green twist-tie into the center of the bead and wind it into a spiral. Glue the finished pumpkin on a circle of card stock so it doesn't roll away.

Witch: Since witches come in all shapes and sizes, you can use any beads you like for this character. Paint the body black, the head green, and then glue the pieces together. Add paper shoes with curled-up toes and painted facial features. Top the head with embroidery floss hair and a pointed black paper hat.

Mummy: My Mummy is on the small side, but I think he's still pretty creepy looking. Choose two beads--one for the body, one for the head--in any size or style you have and paint them white. Glue them together and use a black marker to draw a shadowy face and layers of bandages. 

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