Monday, November 17, 2014

Herb-Print Cards

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to make a batch of thank you cards. I'll be harvesting sage and thyme from my garden for Thanksgiving recipes soon (they're still thriving here in Pennsylvania), but I picked some early for this project. I love the look of these herbs as much as I like their taste, so I decided to use sage and thyme leaves to make prints.

Fresh-picked thyme and sage.
For the sage card, I pinched several well-shaped sage leaves from the stem and pressed them with a paper towel to make sure they were dry. I then placed each leaf wrong-side-down on an ink pad (the undersides of the leaves really show off the veined pattern). To avoid making a mess of my hands and work area, I placed a piece of clean paper over the leaf and rolled over it with a rubber brayer. I then positioned the leaf, ink side down, on a piece of card stock and covered it with another piece of clean paper. To transfer the leaf print, I rolled over the paper with the brayer a few times, being careful not to let the leaf shift. When I lifted the sage leaf away from the paper, I found it had made a perfect leaf print on the paper. I added other leaves to the design following the same process.

Place sage leaves wrong-side-down on the ink pad.
Finished leaf prints.

Thyme leaves are too tiny to print individually, so I decided to use whole stems. I trimmed small sprigs of thyme to fit my piece of card stock and then used a brayer to coat the stem and leaves with ink. Using the same process I did for the sage card, I applied thyme prints to a piece of card stock. 

When the ink on the designs was dry, I used a fine-point marker to write "Thank You" on some of the cards, and then mounted the printed papers on small cards. I like the way the leaf prints came out so much, I may have to use the technique on other projects . . . maybe this year's Christmas cards?

In the garden: sage . . . 
and thyme.

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