Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Napkin Ties

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, but I figured I had time for a last-minute craft. These simple napkin ties are made from materials most crafters have on hand--ribbon, beads, and embroidery floss. If you don't have alphabet beads, a quick trip to the craft store is worth the effort. The little black-and-white beads really give the napkin ties a personal touch. You can use them to add a warm greeting or spell out each guest's name.

Basic supplies: beads, ribbons, embroidery floss.
There really are no specific directions for this project. I just chose ribbons in autumn colors from my never-ending ribbon stash and paired them with coordinating beads. For the "Welcome" tie, I stitched the beads directly to the ribbon. For the "Grace" and "Give Thanks" napkin ties, I threaded the beads onto pieces of embroidery floss and then stitched the floss to the ribbon. I used wood and red plastic beads to accent the ribbons, but you can use whatever supplies you have. And remember, the ties don't all have to match!  

When it's time to set the table, there's no need to fold napkins so they look formal and fancy. Just roll them up and wrap a beaded napkin tie around each one.

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