Monday, December 8, 2014

Embroidered Pine Balsam Sachet

Embroidered Pine Sachet

I don't know much about aromatherapy, but I do know that the scent of pine makes me feel cozy and calm. I've been making pine balsam sachets for Christmas gifts and decided to make this little one for myself. It's really small--just 3" by 3¾"--but it smells like a big pine forest.

The first step in making the sachet is the embroidery. You can follow the chart below as a guide and choose the shades of green floss you like. I used 18-count antique white Aida and two strands of DMC embroidery floss in Dark Fern Green (520), Fern Green (522), and Light Blue Green (3813). The design is worked in straight stitches, and I think the trees look best if you work the trunks first and then add the branches. To layer the trees as they are in the picture, work the tall trees first, the small trees second, and the medium trees last. When the embroidery is finished, trim the fabric, leaving five rows of Aida around the design.

Pine Forest Sachet Chart     ©2014 Kathleen Berlew
Now it's time to make the pillow. Cut two rectangles of felt and use sewing thread or a single strand of floss to sew the embroidery piece to the center of one of them. Use the Aida grid as a guide and stitch two rows in from the outer edge. Be sure to sew through the Aida threads and not just the holes so the fabric doesn't unravel when you create the fringe.

And that's the next step. When the embroidery is stitched securely to the felt, gently pull away the outer row of Aida threads on all four sides. This creates a pretty fringed border around the design.

Assembling the sachet is the easiest part of the project. Pin the two felt pieces together, wrong sides facing, and sew them together. I used blanket stitch, but running stitch will work too. Leave an opening at the bottom, fill the sachet with pine balsam, and stitch the opening closed.

That's it! Your little pine balsam sachet is finished. I think I'm going to keep mine on my nightstand to inspire sweet wintertime dreams.


  1. Since I likely won't have a fresh pine tree this Christmas, this is a perfect substitute, because it IS all about the smell to me. I'm just wondering where to get pine balsam to stuff it the sachet with?

  2. Do hobby shops carry pine balsam like you used? This is what I'll miss most not having a fresh tree this Christmas, the smell. Cute design and great project, so thanks.

    1. So glad you like my little sachet. I love the smell of of pine year-round! Some craft stores may carry dried pine balsam. I purchased bags of balsam fir at my local Plow & Hearth store; it's from Paine Products. It's also available on the Paine website: Hope that helps!