Monday, February 9, 2015

Embossed Heart Tags

My favorite heart stamp
More hearts this week . . . this time made with pink paper! When my girls were young, I made little hearts like these as gift tags for Valentine treats. They also make sweet and simple Valentine's Day decorations. 

The stamp I used is from Rubber Stampede (it's about 2" by 2"). I like the airy look of the filigree design, but you can use any heart stamp you like. Embossing--one of my favorite rubber stamping techniques--gives the hearts their shiny finish. You'll need an embossing inkpad, embossing powder (I used silver and iridescent), and a heat embossing tool, which looks like a hair dryer but gets much hotter.

The process is pretty simple. I stamped hearts with the embossing pad onto a sheet of pink card stock, sprinkled on the embossing powder, and then shook off the excess. Now comes the fun part--making the dull-looking embossing powder shine. Apply the heated air from the embossing tool to the "powdered" hearts (following the manufacturer's instructions, of course) and watch the powder melt and turn silvery and sparkly.

Silver embossing powder starts out dull and gray . . .
and turns shiny when it's heated with the embossing tool.
Iridescent powder after its embossing tool treatment.
Embossed hearts cut out and ready for eyelets and ribbons.
To make the embossed hearts into tags, I cut them out, leaving a border of paper around the edges, and added a metal eyelet to the top of each one. You'll need an eyelet tool and small hammer for that, but it's worth the effort and noise. The eyelets really give the tags a professional finish. Just thread ribbon or cord through the eyelets and your heart tags are finished. Now you can hang them around the house or tie them onto a box of chocolates for someone special.