Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ladybug Hair Clip

Who doesn't love ladybugs? They're little and cute, and they're good for your garden. This ladybug hair clip is cute too--and it's super simple to make from felt, embroidery floss, a button, and beads.

First, measure the length of the plain hair clip you're using for the project and draw a leaf on paper that's slightly shorter than the length of the clip. Use two strands of green embroidery floss to stitch veins on one of the leaves.

To make the ladybug, use two black seed beads to attach a red button onto the embroidered leaf: Knot the floss and insert the needle into the back of the leaf, through one of the buttonholes, through one seed bead, and then back down through the same buttonhole. Make another stitch the same way, pulling the floss tightly so the seed bead sits snugly in the hole. Attach the second seed bead to the other buttonhole in the same way, and then knot the floss securely on the wrong side of the leaf. Use black floss to embroider the ladybug's head and legs on the leaf.

Almost finished! Now sew the embroidered leaf to the plain leaf using green embroidery floss and running stitch. Open the hair clip and sew the leaf to the top prong of the clip, stitching through only the bottom layer of the leaf.

That's it--your ladybug hair clip is ready for summer! Clip it in your own hair, or give it to a little ladybug fan--just keep in mind that buttons and beads can pose choking risks to small children.


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