Monday, June 29, 2015

Star-Spangled Garland

Looking for a last-minute decoration for your Fourth of July party? This star-spangled garland is super simple, and it can be made with supplies you probably already have. I used light blue paper instead of navy to give the garland a brighter look, but you can use any shades of red, white, and blue you like.

I love making things by hand, but I'm not opposed to taking shortcuts and saving some time when I can. So instead of tracing and cutting out all the paper stars I needed for this project, I cheated and used my computer. I just used the "draw shapes" tool in my word-processing program and created pages of stars in an assortment of sizes. (My stars are 6½", 5½", 4½", 3½", 2½", and 1½".) I just printed them onto sheets of card stock and cut them out with sharp scissors.

The next step was assembling the stars. I used a craft knife to make a slit in the center of a 1½" and 2½" star and then fastened them together with a silver star-shaped paper brad. If you don't have star brads, you can use heart or circle brads instead. I then used glue stick to fasten the small stars to a larger star, and repeated the process until I had a large star made up of layers small stars in alternating colors.

Now it's time to prepare the stars for hanging. I added a silver paper eyelet to two arms of each star, and then threaded a long piece of narrow red rickrack through the holes. If you don't have rickrack, you can use ribbon or twine.

That's it! Your star-spangled garland is ready to hang on your deck, by the pool, or wherever you're gathering to celebrate the Fourth. 


  1. I love this banner and it's so simple! It will be a great craft to use my silhouette on.

    1. Thanks you Lindsey! I love making garlands and banners because they're so easy to adapt to any theme or season. A silhouette banner is a great idea!

  2. Super cute! This looks so good. Pinned and tweeted. Thank you for bringing this to our party and we hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm. Lou Lou Girls