Monday, July 13, 2015

Crocheted Paillette Necklace

Who doesn't love sequins? They're colorful and sparkly--and a little magical. I used blue paillettes--which are really just big, flat sequins--and blue embroidery floss to make this pretty necklace. It's shimmery and frothy, and I think it looks like something that could have watched up on an enchanted beach.

This necklace is one of my "use what you have" projects. The paillettes are from leftover scraps of trim. I had skeins of old embroidery floss in different shades of blue, so I just wound them all together to make a ball of crochet thread. The only skills you need for this project are chain stitch and a bit of patience. I used a tiny No. 10 steel crochet hook, which fit through the holes on the paillettes, and just stitched until I ran out of paillettes and floss. Instead of counting stitches, which would have driven me crazy, I used measurements when I made the necklace. 

To begin, I made a short length of chain stitch and added my first paillette. (Don't be intimidated; you just push through hook through the hole in the paillette, pull the thread through hole, and then continue chain stitching.) I then continued crocheting and placed paillettes randomly, but fairly evenly spaced, as I worked.

When the chain was about 28 inches long, I fastened it to the starting stitch with slip stitch. I made two more slip stitches and went back to chain stitch. To give the necklace a layered look, I varied the lengths of the strands from about 28 inches to 32 inches. I also made several strands without paillettes. Each time I reached the starting point, I slip-stitched in the three existing slip stitches and returned to chain stitch. When I got to the end of my ball of floss, I finished with three slip stitches, cut the floss, and wove the end into the chain stitches.

I love this project because it's so simple and adaptable. If you're not an embroidery floss hoarder like me, you can use crochet thread or pearl cotton. And if you don't have leftover paillette trim on hand, you can find bags of flat sequins in all sizes and colors and crafts stores and fabric shops.


  1. That is so neat! Love the shades of blue! Real pretty. #2usestuesday

  2. This is adorable. Sadly I'm not able to wear any jewlery to work.

  3. This one is beautiful, thank you for sharing this nice idea.

  4. I’m loving this! Pinned and tweeted! I always love your creations, thanks for sharing this with us at our party! I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm, we love seeing what you have been working on! Lou Lou Girls

    1. Thanks, Kimberly. I wouldn't miss the Lou Lou Girls party!

  5. I would definitely wear this! I love the colors! Thank you for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty with us this week!

  6. I have revisited this awesome necklace and included it in my 20 Yarn-Tastic Jewelry Projects Round Up - it's my absolute favorite! Thanks again for sharing it at our Yarn Fanatic Party :)
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