Monday, February 12, 2018

Tutorial: Cutting Felt Shapes with Freezer Paper

I fell in love with WoolFelt a few years ago. To be clear, I'm not talking about the sheets of acrylic felt that you can find at at most craft stores. I mean wool-blend felt that's made from natural fibers. I get my WoolFelt from National Nonwovens. It comes in dozens of gorgeous colors. When you cut patterns from it, the edges are sharp--not fuzzy, like acrylic felt.

But how do you transfer patterns to WoolFelt? Fabric markers and pencils aren't very compatible with the felt's texture, but freezer paper works like magic! You might have a roll in your kitchen right now. If not, you can buy a huge roll at the grocery store for just a few dollars. It's become an essential item in my craft room.

To use the freezer paper method for cutting shapes from WoolFelt, draw or print your patterns onto heavy paper or cardboard. Cut them out and then trace them onto the matte side of the freezer paper.

Next, place the freezer paper patterns shiny side down over a piece of WoolFelt. Press the freezer paper with a hot, dry iron for a few seconds until the paper adheres to the felt. (Reminder--this method is for use with wool felt only. Acrylic fibers and hot irons don't always play well together.)

Let the fused felt and paper pieces cool for a few minutes, and then use a sharp scissors to cut the shapes out. That's it--just cut right through the paper and felt. Now comes the fun part. Peel the freezer paper away from the felt pieces gently to reveal the shapes you've made. Don't you love those crisp, clean edges? And here's a bonus tip: you can reuse your freezer paper shapes several times.

I hope you've found this little tutorial helpful. Now I've got to make some more felt hearts--Valentine's Day is just two days away!

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