Free Cross-Stitch Charts

Pay It Forward Project
I love sharing my cross-stitch designs and getting feedback from readers, and I'm really not interested in receiving monetary compensation for the patterns I share on my blog. But I think--in the giving spirit of the blog world--it would be nice if visitors who download a chart would consider expressing their appreciation by performing a simple act of kindness. Pay it forward any way you like--drop some change in a donation box, give some canned goods to a food pantry, say something kind to the grocery store cashier, or say a prayer for someone in need. There's no accountability; I just want to encourage an atmosphere of gratitude in this Internet world we share. I'm going to practice "paying it forward" myself to express my appreciation to other bloggers and Instragrammers who share their work and inspiration.

Please note: these charts are free--just click on the link below the picture to download and print--but they are copyrighted and for personal use only. Enjoy!

Groovy Goldfish

Spring Flowers


"X-Files" X-Stitch

Woodland Sachet

Oak Branch

Acorn and Crow

Busy Bees

Sea and Sun

Red and Blue Op-Art

Small Sun

Bird Family Pin

Earth Love

Bird on a Branch

Black Cat

Orange Tiles

Autumn Leaf

Op Art

Irish Flag

UK Flag

Summer Stripes


  1. Thank you for sharing these patterns. I will make them once I dig out my floss! So inspiring these little sweeties.

    1. You're very welcome, Diane! Happy stitching!